ADHD – Is it me or the dog?

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I believe our pets can be mirrors of ourselves. They show us how we interact with the world. If we take the time to look in that mirror it can be quite eye opening. They can teach us about ourselves and challenge us to be better while loving us with all our faults. I am fur-mom to three lovely rescued …

Heartworm Prevention for your best friend.

Heartworm Meds: Dogs know their importance … and might help themselves to it!

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A Really Expensive Treat! Funny story … at least funny afterwards, fortunately, about Heartworm prevention … Elsa helped herself to a full pack of Heartgard. I thought it was well hidden. She is resourceful and likely was hungry and bored. She dug through a large drawer full of things, passed other bags of dog treats and goodies, selecting a brand …