Map of Redmond Park in Bensenville showing the Gree street parking area.

Dog Days Reunions – Sunday Socialization!

A group of dog owners meet regularly for an easy, friendly dog walk on most Sundays (unless the weather precludes a walk, such as heavy rain and thunder). We walk around the park, usually counter-clockwise, and stop at one of the gazebos near the end. At the gazebo, the dogs work on being calm around each other while getting treats.

You may bring your own, leashed dog. We have the dogs to get used to each other by walking near and in parallel to each other first. So, we ask that you don’t run up with your dog at the start. Instead, come up calmly nearby and ask how you should join the walk. We usually keep a small distance between dogs until they get used to each other.


Most Sunday mornings
We’ll start the walk around 7-7:15  a.m.
If you are running late, text Tricia so she can tell you where to meet up with the group.


Redmond Recreational Complex
Meet near the George Street Parking lot.

No registration is needed, though it will help if you let Tricia know you are coming so we watch for you. 

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