Elsa Sutton


Tricia's Dog Elsa.

Elsa Sutton is unique, focused, a quick learner, and communicative, making her needs and opinions known with her distinctive “Woo Woo Woo .” She maintains a busy schedule between keeping an eye on her octogenarian human “grandmother” at home, regular walks, therapy dog visits with Special Ed kids and the elderly, mushing/bikejoring, Nosework practice/competition, and expanding her skills with new tricks and behaviors. (She also had a special relationship with Poppa who is now over the rainbow, who she taught to deliver near continual belly rubs and treats.) She still finds time to monitor work on Paws 4 Kids 4 Paws and tell Tricia when it’s time to stop work for play to keep life balanced.

And since inquiring minds want to know, after rescuing Elsa from a shelter, Tricia had her dog DNA tested. She is ½ Giant Schnauzer and ½ Siberian Husky. Her parents and grandparents were all purebred. We don’t know if a human intentionally decided to cross those two breeds or if her parents just decided it was a good idea, but we are happy to have her just as she is!