Henry Van Nostrand


Henry Van Nostrand.

Henry Van Nostrand is a unique, versatile woman with a huge heart and passion to match it! She tackles challenges with openness and careful consideration of all involved (including making sure she is part of a solution not part of a problem). She likes to turn what others would consider limitations like ADHD into superpowers by learning to apply them in ways that let them drive success while strengthening her other skills to balance such things for other situations. Henry says that her “out of the box thinking” is because as a girl named Henry, she didn’t even know there was a box!

Her 15+ years in nonprofit, in children’s learning, as well as with trade associations, 20+ years in customer service and her (too numerous to count) years as a personal & professional chef (organizing corporate and private events, to catering for the film industry (check her out on IMDB.com!) her focus has long been being of service to others.

Henry was the kid in the neighborhood who took care of all the pets when their families were on vacation. Also, the kid who adopted numerous strays over the years. Her mom always said there was an invisible mark on her forehead that let all the animals know where to go for help. Henry claims received this trait from her dad. (He built her first cat a house in the yard with shingles and siding and a roof that could be removed for cleaning. The cat, Tigger, refused to use it and eventually became a house cat. Her plan all along.)

Her love of humans and animals, coupled with her dedication and loyalty, lets her see connections and build wonderful things that leverage the best qualities of both. Her love of learning and her interest in neuroscience come together to create a unique approach to life, learning and service.